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Registration & Payment

  1. Select a Program – Based on your child’s League Age and gender, select the proper program from the list below.
  2. Click on thebutton – a page will appear that reminds you that you need to be 18 to continue. Click thebutton.
  3. Select the family member to be registered for the program by clicking on the  button
  4. Update contact info on the Participant Information form (if needed) and click
  5. Fill out all the information in the Supplemental Information form, and click
  6. If you want to register for other programs (e.g. other children for other league programs, or parents for volunteer programs), then click on thebutton and repeat the Registration process.
  1. After registering for the final program, complete the payment process by clicking on thebutton.
IMPORTANT: Payment in full is required at the time of registration by credit or debit card (MC or Visa only). If you exit the registration system without completing payment, then ALL registrations from this session will be DELETED automatically. You will receive a system email notifying that your registration has been deleted due to non-payment, however if this occurs, your child will not have a spot in the program and you will have to start the registration process over again.