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Coaches Help page

This page will be a place where helpful materials and videos will be kept for coaches to use.

Catching Drills

Proper Position of catcher - Picture

Hand Position (WRONG) - Picture

Hand Postion (CORRECT) - Picture

Warm up toss - Sitting on buckets throwing balls to catcher (No Glove)    Video  
Bunting Overview - Basic undestanding of the bunt - Video

Bunting Down the first base line - Video

Bunting in front of catcher - Video

Bunting down third base line - Video

Blocking the ball drill - Video

Blocking drill on outdie pitch (RH batter) - Video

Sock Drill for throwing - Video


Fielding Techniques Handout - PDF File


Position in the Box - Video

Drill for turning the back foot - Video

Loading - Video

Position in the box and hands on the bat - Video