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Westbrook Little League is in need of help at the administrative level, and now is the time to volunteer and get involved as 90% of the current board of directors will be stepping down and moving on following the 2020 season. 

Those of us on the BoD have seen our own children go through this great program and make a lot of great memories and friendships along the way, and for us it has always been about all of the kids in our community, not just our own.

There comes a time when others need to take over and move it forward.

The current board can show those interested what each role entails during the course of this spring, and it’s not, and shouldn’t be a lot. This is solely a volunteer organization and the more help getting these kids on the field the merrier.

Taking on a role is simple and only takes a couple hours of commitment a week, if that, depending on the number of people involved and spreading the workload.  Knowledge of the game itself is helpful, but it’s not a requirement in the least.  Ideally 10-12 people would be best, and for several years now we’ve had 5-7.

Each board role also plays out at different times, as well, most of them in the months leading up to the season (late December – April) more so than during the season, which takes place after the majority of the work is done.

We will have a meeting on Thursday, February 20, at 7pm at Town Hall in Room A and urge those interested in helping move this thing into the future to attend and throw their names into the mix to take on some of the following roles.  We’ll have answers to any and all questions anyone may have.  Parents just interested in learning more as well are welcome to attend.


The following positions will need to be filled following the 2020 season, ordered somewhat from most active/involved on down.  Some positions can be combined, but it’s best if all are filled, and for several years they haven't been and we've made it work..



Presides at league meetings, attends district meetings, maintains knowledge of the rules and regulations of the league and the local league bylaws.  The league president is the contact between the local organization and Little League International and represents the local league at district meetings.  WLL is in CT LL District 9, along with Guilford, Coginchaug, Middletown, Madison, Portland, East Hampton, East Haddam, Old Saybrook, Essex, Deep River/Chester, HK and Clinton.  Nominates coaches who the rest of the board must vote to approve.  Also the contact for Interleague play with neighboring towns, attends necessary rules meetings.

Vice President

Presides in the absence of the president; is ex-official member of all committees and often attends district meetings with the President.


Oversees league funds and keeps the books and financial records, provides reports to the board and files taxes. LL is a tax exempt organization so it’s a single, simple form that gets filed. Coordinates payment of umpires with concessions manager.

Concession Manager

Maintains the operation of concession facilities, organizes the purchase of concession products, schedules volunteers to work the concession stand during league events and games. Responsible for cash handling and musts have a ServSafe food handling certification per town regulations.

Umpire Chief

Coordinates list of umpires and schedules them for home games.  Does not have to be an umpire, but preferred.  Must know the local level bylaws and convey them to umpiring crew. With two teams projected that will need umpires should be a breeze.

Player Agent

Oversees player tryouts, player draft and levels of play and maintains league fairness with regard to all players.  Not an overly active role as our league is so small, but very important.


Maintains a register of members and directors, records meeting minutes and sends out notice for meetings.

Information Officer

Maintains the league’s website and the registration system.  Enters game schedule once it comes out and may be asked to work with the other towns in the interleague group (currently Essex, Old Saybrook, Deep River/Chester, East Haddam and Middletown) to produce the schedule.  Middletown and Deep River are currently handling the schedules for 2020.  Can be a combined position with Secretary.

Safety Officer

Coordinates all safety activities, obtains safety equipment and stocks and distributes first aid kits to coaches. Ensures safe playing conditions, coordinates reporting of injuries, prepares annual WLL Safety Plan and annual safety training for coaches and volunteers.  Active mostly in preseason for a few hours total. Someone involved in the safety community in our town with kids in LL would be optimal, but not necessary.

Equipment Manager/Uniforms

Handles the disbursement of equipment to coaches, handles ordering of equipment from suppliers.  Orders uniforms and coordinates printing and embroidering.  The most deadline-based position as uniforms are needed prior to opening day, the last Saturday in April.  Following registration a list of all the players and uniform sizes and numbers is given to the equipment manager, who sorts and orders caps and the necessary size jerseys and pants, sorts them and gets them to the printer in Middletown and picks up and distributes to teams once ready.

Fundraising Manager/Committee

Fundraisers are needed to solicit team and sign sponsors from local businesses. Usually done through a mailing but some door to door calling is necessary with some businesses who prefer it that way.  Solicits donations for opening/closing day raffles.  This position can be filled by a few people to split up the workload.

Public Relations Manager

Someone to produce annual flyers for schools to let people know registration is open.  Puts up signs around town, puts ad in local paper for registration and promotes the league.

Grounds crew

Not a board position, but pregame and postgame volunteers are needed to rake the infield, line the field and batters boxes, etc.  Access to water is available for pregame wetting of infield as well, we just need people to step up who can do this.

As with all volunteers, a background check will be necessary per LL regulations. This is done online through JDP and more info can be found at JDP.com.  This is a very trusted and safe site.


Again, we urge everyone even remotely interested to come to the meeting, bring questions and don’t feel pressured to commit. No one will be 'going in blind' and we will all be around to answer questions and help out into the future. This is about all of the kids in this town and one of the great things that we can come together and do for them.





by posted 02/07/2020
Spring Registration is now open

Westbrook Little League 2020 Spring Baseball Registration is now open for kids Little League Ages 7-12*

*Using Little League Age Determination Chart For 2020



Majors (“Little League”) – 5th & 6th grade

Minors (AAA) – 3rd & 4th grade

Coach/Machine Pitch (AA) – 1st & 2nd grade

**Grades listed are loose guidelines and division placement will be determined by both skills assessments and team roster needs due to the size of the league in early March. Player safety is the first and foremost consideration. 

**Children who are only six years old and turn 7 prior to 8/31 are considered age 7 by LL.**


Winter clinics and cost to attend TBD.

Spring Registratoin Fee: $100 per player.  A $25 late fee will go into effect beginning March 2, 2020.


Opponents will likely include Essex, Deep River, Old Saybrook, East Haddam, Portland, Middletown, Haddam-Killingworth. Interleague meeting with reps from all towns will take place in late January.


Volunteers are needed to help run the league, coach, umpire and run the concession stand.  2020 will be the last year for several board members and new leadership is needed to continue forward with this league.  A merge with another area league is also currently under consideration.  No one needs to be a baseball expert to volunteer to help as there is plenty to do off the field as well.



by posted 01/04/2020
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